Speed Queen AWN432SP Review, Washer and Dryer Machine in a Pack

Speed Queen AWN432SP review

Speed Queen has always been one of the best brands in America for their washing and laundry machine products. One of the best washing machines that the company released is Speed Queen AWN432SP, top load washer which combines the practicality of washer and dryer all in one pack. Compared to other all-in-one washer and dryer, Speed Queen AWN432SP offers thinner body, only 26″ with dimensions of 30 x 27 x 45 inches. However, this machine can load up to 3.3 cubic capacities if you need to wash a lot of clothes either for daily or weekly laundry. Coming in white color with weigh only 195 pounds, the machine provides clean and compact view for your house appliances without taking much space.

Speed Queen AWN432SP is designed just like an old school washer and dryer with not much complicated features and buttons. There is no fancy electronics and no locking lids. There is only analog timer and three required knobs which can be adjusted easily. Even a child can operate this machine for its practicality. All you have to do is to turn on the knobs, choose the water levels, choose the machine’s speed, and start the washing. Since it is a washer and dryer machine, you do not need to sweat out moving the clothes from one machine to another. Just wait until the machine stop working while getting other house chores done and you will find that the clothes are all clean and dried already. With the interior wash basin made from stainless steel, this machine guarantee powerful performance which will last for years. Despite its solid body, the machine has large wash basin that will allow you to wash king size sheets, blankets and even mattress pads without any necessary problem.

Released on the market with cost only $785.00 (free shipping is available), Speed Queen AWN432SP has all the quality that you ever need without needing to spend more money. Talking about efficiency, with maximum speed of 710RPM, top loading model of the machine will take less time to complete a wash cycle. Moreover, the machine only needs 120 volts power that will save you less electricity bills. Finally, if you need a compact, strong, and affordable price washer and dryer machine in a pack, then this machine is the best choice for you. Go get them on Amazon and enjoy 2 or 3 year protection with only $40.79 or $67.14.

Features Full Tub Wash & Rinse will fill the whole tub with water
in order to get maximum cleanliness.Commercial-Grade Steel Cabinet offers 3 levels of protection intended for
maximum durability.

No Lid Lock allows you to open up the lid to halt a cycle anytime.

210º Agitation along with 68 strokes each minute offers a much better clean that’s gentle on the clothes.

Durable Stainless Steel Tub will be gentler on the clothes as well as assures long lasting, dependable performance.

Dimensions 30 x 27 x 45 inches (White)
Weight 195 pounds
Load Front Load Washer, 3.3 cubic feet
Max Spin Speed 710rpm
Preset Cycle 4
Temp Selection 3
Extras Fill hoses, automatic balancing system,
variable water level selector, bleach dispenser, fabric softener
dispenser, prewash, soak


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