LG WM8000HVA Washing Machine Review

LG WM8000HVA Washer Review

LG once again launches a wonderful washer for home convenience. This LG WM8000HVA is a non commercial unit yet have a big load capacity of 5.1 cubic feet. This unit is suitable for a big family which contain more than 5 family members. Its big size will shorten your laundry time and will helpful a lot especially for those who wash their clothes once a week.
Not only that, the cleaning performance is quite good too. You can expect clean clothes in a matter of minutes. If $1500 is still on your budget, then this washing machine is one of my recommendation.

As for the design, like many LG washers, this washing machine has a knob with many options of cloth available. You can also hear the same sound when the cycle is finished. What need to note is its big size, make sure you have a good amount of space to place this washer. The dimension is quite big 29 in. x 32.3 in. x 40.8 in. (width x depth x height) and if you also buy its dryer DLEX8000W, you should double its size.

Despite its big size, this machine will bring tremendous benefits if you manage to make a room for it in your house. Big pile of clothes which usually need 2-3 loads on common washers will be shorten to only 1 time of load using this washing machine. It means you can spend time more to do something that really matter like playing with your kids. Basically, this machine can be a life saver for those with many kids around.

During the test held by reviewed, this LG WM8000HVA did its job very well. The machine cleaning performance is above the average washer they managed to test. The TurboWash feature will take only 48 minutes for one washing cycle (15 mins shorter than average). It also costs only around $30 / year for average water and electricity used, considering that it has twice capacity of normal washer, it means more laundry for little money.

Not only that, this washing machine spin around 1300 RPM, leaving only 56% water after one cycle. This will lessen the work of the dryer, which will eventually increasing more savings for you.
In conclusion, this machine is quite powerful in many aspects, great load capacity, cleaning performance, drying fast, energy saving, and many others. The only drawback is its big size. If you can manage to prepare a place that fit the machine properly, this washing machine will be such a great help for you, especially if you buy it coupled with its dryer DLEX8000W.

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Type Front Loading
Dimension (WxDxH) 29×32.3×40.8 in
Drum Capacity 5.1 cubic feet
Energy Star Compliance Yes
Energy Use 97 Kwh / year
Water Temperature Setting 5
Max Spin Speed 1300 RPM
Stainless Steel Tube Yes
Spin Speeds 4 setting
Steam Wash Yes
Noise/Vibration Reduction Yes
Bleach Dispenser Yes
Pre-Wash Dispenser Yes
Fabric Conditioner Dispenser Yes
Wash Cycles 14
Whites Cycles Yes
Custom Cycles Yes
Hand Wash Cycles Yes
Delicate Cycles Yes
Permanent Press Cycles Yes
Silk No
Sanitation / Allergen Cycles Sanitation
Second Rinse Yes
Pre-Wash Yes
Delayed Wash Yes
Color Graphite Steel
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