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Washing Machines Buying Guide

As today washing machines come in many styles, models and sizes, it is important that you consider all their features when you are shopping around to find the best washing machine to meet the laundry requirements of your family as well as your budget. Also remember to see if the washing machine is simple and easy in terms of installation, use and maintenance.

This buying guide to washing machines will help you to make an informed decision in every aspect.


When it comes to the design of the washing machines, there are two types of washing machines that you can choose from, top load washer and front load washing machines.

Top load washing machines are cost-effective but consume more power. Front loading washing machines are more efficient and are expensive when compared with basic top load machines.

Front load washing machines can be easily integrated with your kitchen so they look better, especially if you are restricted by the concerns of space in your kitchen. Sometimes, they come with dryers and the dual functions help you to do both washing and drying with a single machine.

Top load washing machines come in two designs. The first type resembles a front load machine, as it has the control buttons on the top. There is a trap door and drum rotates sideways. Another variant of top load machine comes with a wash tub with a central agitate that moves to and fro. The drum is fixed on its side inside the wash tub. This type of top load machine gives better wash quality between the two types.

Washer Size and Load capacity

Most washing machines, especially front loaders, come with a size of 60 cm wide (27″-30″). There are also front-loading washing machines of 85 cm, which are ideal for large families. If you need less washer capacity, compact front-loaders or mini washing machines (24″-26″) are better options. It is a good ideal to check the capacity of the washing machine before you choose the right one for your needs.

Sometimes, high efficiency models may require extra space for side storage or the exterior of the washing machine could be misleading to your eyes.

Easy to install

Easy to install Washing Machines Buying Guide

Except a few washers like compact or mini washing machines and dual machines, most washing machines plumbing installation. Make sure that your home has provision for the installation, if required; get professional help before installing the washing machine. The position of the washing machine should be considered as it helps to do the laundry operations with ease.

Make sure that there is enough space for reversible doors to open, as the latest machines often come with this feature. If you plan to buy stacking units, they will have pedestals so require enough head room. As a rule of thumb, take measurements of the washing machines and the available space in the kitchen, when you buy the washing machine for you.

With compact models, the installation is much easier, as you will just connect them to faucet using an adapter.

Easy to use

Usually, cheaper washing machine models come with simple features, operating control knobs, when compared with high end models with extra buttons and additional options. Some models have digital control options which you may find much easier to operate. Generally, most washing machines of today, are easy to operate, however, you may choose a simple machine if you find the high end washing machines are too complicated for you.

Which is better – Front load or Top load washing machines?

top load vs front load washing machine

Top loading washers have a few advantages like cheaper cost and easy to use features. Front load washing machines are very popular for their conservation of power and energy but are generally more expensive. There are also a few high-efficiency models in top loaders that are quite comparable with front loaders in terms of performance and reduced drying time.

While you go for high-efficiency washing machines, there are many things to consider. They generally need better care due to the use of low-sudsing HE detergent. However, they come with sophisticated features and more cycles so give you better wash than top-loading washing machines.


If the issues of saving electricity and water are very important to you, you may choose from front load washing machines that come with energy saving devices. A few models come with EnergyStar ratings that can help you to pick the high-efficiency machine for you. They are generally more expensive, as we have already said.

However, most washing machines, including the standard models can save water and electricity, if you take care to use the full load option and the correct program on the control panel.


When comes to performance and reliability of your washing machine, there are a few indicators that you may like to consider:

Spin speed

Washers come with spin speeds ranging between 800 rpm and 1600 rpm, while the standard spin speed is around 1000rpm. Cheaper models have slow spin speed starting from 800 rpm.

Faster washing machines are slightly more expensive; however, it is not a good idea to go for expensive models that have over 1200rpm spin speed.

Wash Time or washing cycles

Generally, top loaders come with shorter wash time as they have fewer washing cycles. However, they give clean wash on most occasions. Front load washing machines and high-efficient top loaders have longer washing cycles but they give gentler washer and are quieter than top loaders.

A few models allow you to choose quick wash mode that reduces wash time or you can just use the time saver feature for the same purpose.

Generally, a top loader with 1000rpm spin speed can finish the wash cycle in less than 90 minutes at a temperature setting of 60 degree.

Other useful features to consider

While choosing the washing machine, also make sure that it comes with options for various loads (mid or large size loads) and different water temperature settings. The low spin settings are useful to give gentler wash and less wrinkles to your clothes. The hand wash or gentle wash cycle is another useful feature that you should look for. You can also choose the optional features like delay wash, additional rinse, presoak, steam wash and dispensers for bleach etc. A few models can also automatically change the water temperature.